The Earmates Children’s collection appeals to young shoppers and those looking for an ultra-light product for sensitive ears.

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Collection Includes

Earring Styles

This collection includes a variety of stud, and hoop earrings to suit any style.

Clip ons

All of our clip-on earring styles are designed to maintain a strong hold without pinching.


Necklaces, neck sets, and bracelets are included in the collection to add options and variety for your customers.

Earring Backs

The collection contains a variety of backs including butterfly, fish hook, disk and bullet to satisfy any customer need.


To make sure our products are accessible to everyone we have a variety of product lines that are certified nickel free – (less than 0.05% nickel). This makes our jewelry safe for the up to 20% of the population with nickel allergies and bring us in line with the EU standard for nickel free which is currently the strictest existing standard globally.

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